Harvard Alumni in Healthcare


Note From the Founders

Welcome to the Harvard Alumni in Healthcare SIG. We founded this group in 2015 to create a centralized network of Harvard alumni who work within or simply take an interest in all aspects of healthcare across the world. In our own daily lives, our touch points in medicine include: medical care delivery, public heath, technological advances, finance, global health issues, access to ongoing research, and networking with other physicians and scientists.

Several years ago, we bonded over the fact that there are so many Harvard graduates working within these fields who have never been united. While putting our heads together to try to figure out a solution, we discovered the HAA SIG program. Today, Harvard Alumni in Healthcare is a formal group under the HAA umbrella, an endorsement of the fact that what we stumbled upon as two individuals working in healthcare, the university also valued deeply.

Our goal is simply to connect you. We are thrilled to be able to facilitate conversations and innovations among Harvard alums from all over the world. The process is simple: sign up and connect – or reconnect – with one another. The opportunities are endless. 

Cara Natterson, AB ‘92 & Keith Gross, AB ‘83

Founders + Board Members

Cara Natterson, AB ’92 (Founder)
Keith Gross, AB ’83 (Founder)
Seth Familian, AB ’01 (Founder)

A. Sasha Bardey, AB ’83
Andrew Cameron, AB ’91
Andrew Fine, AB ’91
Anthony Hollenberg, AB ’83
Barbara Natterson Horowitz, AB MA ’83
Darshak Sanghavi, AB ’92
Joon Yun, AB ’90
Michelle Sandberg, AB ’93
Paul Natterson, AB ’85
Wesley Friedman, AB ’16

Who can join?

Any person who has earned a Harvard degree – graduate or undergraduate – or any current student enrolled in a program that exceeds 12 weeks is eligible for membership. You do not need to be working in a healthcare field in order to join.

What resources are available to members?

Membership provides access to our private online community, which hosts conversations on various topics in healthcare.  Membership also enables your detailed profile to appear in our Member Directory, so other members can easily connect with you without knowing your email address.  

How much does it cost?

Membership is free.

Why am I asked about areas of interest in healthcare?

Conversation topics in our private community are organized by those areas of interest.  They also provide more detail for your Member Directory profile.   Please be sure to indicate any other areas of interest beyond the ones provided, so we can continue to introduce new topics relevant to the community.  

Getting Involved

The Harvard Healthcare SIG is seeking Harvard Alumni with diverse interests in healthcare. Members have numerous opportunities available to become engaged and involved—from attending events and networking, to taking a more active role within subchapter conversations. You do not need to work in the healthcare field in order to join.  Please join the SIG and become part of a group that has unlimited potential to re-connect Harvard alumni who share an interest in healthcare.  Click here to join Harvard Alumni in Healthcare.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Healthcare SIG, please contact us by email:

Event Hosting:  events@harvardalumnihealthcare.com

Board Involvement:  volunteer@harvardalumnihealthcare.com

Membership Questions: membership@harvardalumnihealthcare.com